One of a Spacer’s recurring nightmares is being grounded. This forces an adventure on the ground (or station-side), possibly without access to resources aboard the ship.

Regardless of the reason, a Spacer who can’t roam free is a bird with clipped wings.

The nightmare might take any number of forms: the captain might be waiting “forever” for a part, the port authority might have locked down the ship due to a “simple misunderstanding”, the ship might have a outstanding debts or warrants, a mechanic’s lien came through at the wrong time, or the station/world/backwater might be blockaded. Organics who get themselves injured might also need some time station-side, in a proper hospital. Then there is always the gangster seeking to make an example out of the spacer who backed out of a “deal”, and it’s not safe to go near the ship, lest one incur further repairs to ones’ knees.