Espers are psychically sensitive individuals who can read psychic impressions. They are often uncanny scouts, trackers, empaths, detectives, and telepaths. They are widely believed to be able to “read minds”, and perhaps some of them can, but the ability to read psychic impressions has much broader applications than that.

All Espers naturally sense the psychic energy within people as well as the psychic footprints or impressions they leave behind. Even as children, Espers show high emotional intelligence and an uncanny situational awareness and understanding of people. With experience or training, Espers can also read these psionic impressions or even the soul of a person they meet. An Esper detective could read impressions left behind on a murder weapon, possibly even replaying the moment of the crime.

All but the most powerful Espers rely on special equipment, typically visored helmets known as “Lenses”, to enhance their ability to sense Mthu.

Espers are frequently employed by government agencies such as scouts, detectives, port authorities, military reconnaissance, and intelligence. Espers are especially prized by military infantry units, for their “nose for danger” keeps their squad alive. Independent Espers are often scouts, bounty hunters, or private investigators. However, the ability to read those around oneself is an asset to almost any profession.

Many Mthu’bo and Jidn are also Espers, for they draw from similar psionic talents and are complementary skills. All three can see or sense psychic impressions, but what they with their perception is different: only Espers can “read” the impressions.

Some Espers are washed out Mthu’bo who did not have the discipline or talent necessary to complete the training, or were forced by life events to become Incarnates and could not being their training anew. However, Espers do not usually have the same philosophical views as Mthu’bo, and refer to their abilities as psychic rather than psionic.


Espers typically use special visored helmets known as “Lenses” to augment their senses. These not only enhance their natural abilities but also show sophisticated overlays of other insights, such as highlighting concentrations of Reflex. Some Lenses are connected directly to the bridge or sensor suite of a ship, particularly for long-range scouting or reconnaissance. Others are integrated into a Harness.

Espers: Known Abilities

Espers can read psychic impressions. Abilities are listed in order from most common (easiest) to most rare (hardest).

  1. aura sight – see psychic impressions, trails, and psychic auras around people
  2. detect thoughts – including reading of surface thoughts/feelings
  3. danger sense
  4. clairsentience – object reading
  5. probe thoughts – deep mind reading
  6. telepathy
  7. precognition