The Jidn are wanderers, searching beyond the stars for fragments of beauty, collecting them in their gallery spaceships. Their artifacts, when available for sale, can fetch tremendous sums from private collectors.

Along the way, the Jidn also learn something of themselves and the other souls in the universe. They prize beauty, both physical and psionic. Many Jidn become artists themselves.

While all artistic paths are considered sacred by Jidn, some of them are able to weave Mthu to create artistic visual displays. This is derived from similar talents that Mthu’bo utilize, but with an emphasis on manipulating visual displays of psionic energy. Some Jidn can create realistic illusory images that appear lifelike, and can even be detected by machines.

Jidn are similar to old school RPG illusionists.

Jidn are also often Espers, for the ability to better sense the world, find sources of Mthu, and follow Shining Paths is essential to their way of life. Some are also Mthu’bo.

Interestingly, some of the artifacts they find have Mthu, the same soul energy found in people. Jidn have developed defenses involving Mthu, particularly larger images and songs, often able to repel Rygas lances from reavers or other attackers.

The Jidn dislike Akuma and their aggressive ways, but can find beauty even in their ritual combat. The Mot, however, are utterly despised and beyond contempt.


The Tarrugitz are the traditional gallery spaceships piloted by Jidn. They tend to have unusual shapes due to the galleries they house within.