The Mot are a faction of Necroincarnates. They take the bodies of other species, augmenting them extensively over time, and spreading their consciousness across the stars. Their culture is ancient and decadent and the bodies they painstakingly craft are seldom appealing to modern sensibilities.

Mot rarely accost ordinary travelers, although they may do so if they are in need of fresh hosts to make Omegas. However, travelers of unique races or who dredge up artifacts of the past may gain the attention of Mot, who may want to wear a different skin for a time.

Mot make extensive use of Omegas to crew their ships, man their lancer cohorts, and populate their garrisons. Omegas are often called “Corpse Soldiers”, for they are necroincarnates with  dead eyes that are a hallmark of their conditioning and processing.  Omegas are thoroughly conditioned to obey the Mot and their strictures. The Mot also make use of their terrifying Black Omegas, their elite psychic warfare special forces.

Mot will raid worlds when their supplies of hosts begins to run thin, but will also opportunistically board passing ships that appear weak.