Mthu’bo are mystic psionicists who have learned to manipulate psionic energy they call Mthu. Knowledge and understanding begins with the self, and Mthu’bo tend to have a profound self-awareness and “grounded” feeling. They practice meditation and Mthu’Rygas, and are usually quite adept at handling Rygas blades.

Most Mthu’bo are Organics, but this may be a reflection more of their traditional monastic ways and possible prejudices within their order for “purity” of one’s self. However, Incarnate Mthu’bo also exist and there are no apparent functional drawbacks in manipulating Mthu, at least if a Rygas shell (Reflex Harness) is worn.

Some Mthu’bo are also Espers, as their skills are complimentary. Mthu’bo are specialized in manipulation while Espers are specialized in perception. Similarly, some Mthu’bo also follow the path of the Space Samurai.

incarnate2Mthu’Rygas (Psionics)

Mthu’bo are practitioners of the abstruse arts of Mthu’Rygas, the art of manipulation of psionic energy, which they call Mthu.

Mthu’Rygas (M-R) are psychic arts that focus on manipulation of psionic energy, both directly and through Reflex. The name comes from the traditional Mthu’bo terms Mthu (psyche) and Rygas (Reflex).

Mthu’Rygas are the “magic” or psionics in the game setting. Mthu’Rygas adepts can accomplish feats that science cannot yet explain. However, science is able to harness psychic energy and Reflex, so it may only be a matter of time until the mystic arts are laid bare.

Basic Teachings

Mthu is everywhere, found in all people and flowing through the universe in currents called the Shining Paths. The Shining Paths are motes of Mthu.

  • All people have Mthu, including Incarnates.
  • The Shining Paths are rivers of Mthu, but even small motes of Mthu are described as “shining”.
  • Rygas can be used to create a vessel that can be occupied by Mthu. All people are capable of interacting with Rygas.
  • Mthu can be sensed by people. Some people are more sensitive than others.
  • Mthu can neither be created nor destroyed. However, Mthu can be reduced to a lesser state.

Known Abilities

  • Monastic training begins with discipline, mental and physical exercises, and meditation designed to achieve a zen-like calm, an iron will, and self-awareness.
  • Psionic shielding, to defend one’s soul from psionic attacks.
  • Psionic healing, such as repairing damage to a soul that was cut by a Void Blade.
  • Extend one’s psyche over a distance, to send messages to others or mentally project ones psyche during meditation.
  • Levitation or even flying, provided that the ground has a psionic imprint of sufficient strength. A well-trodden station corridor will have a myriad of psionic imprints, but the hull of a ship is sterile.
  • Supernatural ninja/monk abilities that affect one’s self, such as rapid movement/leaping, slow-falling, invisibility, and walking through walls. Again this presumes the materials have psionic imprint.
  • Blocking bullets and blades, provided they have a psionic imprint. Most trained killers lay down a hot imprint of death-dealing; only a highly-trained assassin might school his psyche enough to keep his bullets “cold”.
  • Touch-based chi/ki attacks such as “quivering palm” (dim mok) or paralyzation.
  • Psionic surge, or releasing a built-up charge of psionic power as a zero-range explosion or pulse of power.
  • Extend one’s psyche to influence others, such as the “jedi mind trick”.
  • Extend one’s psyche to form a visible weapon, such as covering one’s fists, or creating a blade of psionic energy.
  • Telekinesis of an object with a psionic imprint, such as someone’s favorite shoes. This is extraordinarily difficult to do on people.
  • Extend one’s psyche to remotely move objects made of Rygas or Mthu. This is like telekinesis but can only affect Rygas or Mthu, such as ships, harness, and people.
  • Void Shift one’s own body as if it were Rygas, becoming Void or Void Blinking within sight.
  • Mimic capabilities of Darkships such as void catapult and sailing the shining paths. Needless to say this is very dangerous.
  • Space/time manipulation such that it is related to the psyche

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