Most Spacers are Incarnates, simply for reasons of economics and convenience. Some travelers like to “keep it real” and pay the extra expense of remaining in a real, bona fide, 100% organic body, ideally the one they were born with.

Mileage may vary, but with a reasonable amount of additives and enhancements, an Organic can live just as long as an Incarnate, it’s just much more expensive and risky than a metal body. After all, not all ports can provide the same quality of care for Organics, and it’s much more painful and risky to get an Organic body patched up in whatever random spaceport one happens to be in during the moment of need. A backwater mining colony inhabited mainly by Incarnates and Drones might only have first aid available, or the hospital equipment might not have been used in a very long time…

Most Organics who are willing to pay for their quality of life are health nuts who treat their bodies like temples. After all, if they wanted to be lazy they would just get a mechanical body. However, some are just luddites who have drawn a line between their personal bodies and technology.