The Shining Paths is a game about Spacers, space-travelers. Whether beset by wanderlust, fleeing from the past, or seeking fame or riches, spacers are always moving moving.

While it’s natural to think of Spacers are pilots, they are usually skilled navigators and engineers as well. The best piloting skills in the universe are of little help if you’re in the wrong corner of space. Ships are always in need of maintenance, stop-gap repairs, and system patches.

Spacers come in all kinds, but most are Incarnates, simply due to economics. Space travel is still complicated and hard, and it’s simply more economically viable to put one’s mind in a metal shell–the costs of maintenance and repairs are lower than Organics, and repairing machines is more reliable and readily available while moving moving around. Not all ports can provide adequately high quality of care to Organics.

All PCs in the game are assumed to be spacers. If a player wants to give a PC a “Spacer” Theme then try to emphasize specialties such as piloting, navigation, engineering, command, sensors, etc.