Harness are mobile suits of powered armor. Most Harness are built for use by Incarnates, becoming their bodies, but some are able to be worn by an Organic pilot.

The term “harness” was originally used to describe ancient suits of armor.


Most Harness are built for use by Incarnates, but many have a compartment for an Organic pilot. Naturally, this places constraints on the shape of the harness, which must fit a person, so most organic-compatible harness are readily distinguishable on sight. In contrast, an Incarnate-only harness could look like almost anything.

For Incarnates the Harness becomes the actual body of the person, with full sensory input and control. For Organics the experience of piloting a Harness is less immersive, although not necessarily any less effective–the skill of the pilot and quality of the Harness are more significant, just as with any piece of equipment.

Harness often have a layer of Reflex in their skin, so that the pilot can interact with Reflex controls. Some Harness even have sophisticated Reflex with Void Slip Inducers.

Most Harness provide some measure of protection for the pilot, as appropriate to the intended roles.


Harness vary widely in size and capabilities, as befits the intended role. The smallest Harness is about the size of a suitcase, and the largest Harness are ships.


Most Harness are utilitarian in style, with form following strictly from the intended function. Harness produced for civilian markets tend to have more attractive design than military or construction models. The highest end premium Harness are moving works of art, produced by boutique design studios who merge fashion and sports car design.