Lancers are professional space commandos who pilot Harness in a variety of combat roles. Lancers are trained in ship security, boarding actions, reconnaissance, surface missions, but also gain invaluable and unique practical experience out among the stars.

Most military ships carry a complement of Lancers, and retired Lancers can find steady work signing on with private ships.


Lancers are highly trained Harness pilots, which they use for most of their missions.

Most Lancers are Incarnates, for their role involves the highest level of risk, and the ability to change Harness quickly makes them more flexible for multi-role deployment. A marine might pilot a recon Harness for patrol and switch to a heavy Harness to repel boarders.

Organic Lancers are extremely rare, but can make use of various power armor in a similar fashion as Incarnate shells, albeit with a narrower range of options. On the other hand, their more human touch makes them ideal for missions requiring more finesse, such as VIP protection.

Harness are Rygas, able to phase to M-R at the will of the pilot’s soul. A skillful pilot can use this to void incoming attacks.


The standard issue weapons complement is a gauss rifle,  a gauss pistol sidearm, and knife. Depending on the mission a heavy Gauss cannon may also be issued.

The signature weapon of Lancers is the lance, a Rygas bladed spear specialized for ship-board combat against armored opponents. Lances are collapsible, telescoping to the desired length, and can draw from the MRG of the Lancer’s Harness if M-R is needed.