Void Shift refers to matter shifted out of phase with normal matter. When matter becomes “Void” it does not interact with the physical universe, neither matter nor energy, only with psychic energy.

Void Shift is accomplished using a Reflex Matrix. Starships and Harness that incorporate a Reflex Matrix into their hulls can use a Void Shift for travel and defense. A Void Inducer is a device that can phase shift Reflex into Void, which can be used to dodge an attack (by shifting out of phase) or for interstellar travel.

Reflex can also be made Void by the will of a psyche, but this is a difficult skill to master, and usually only Mthu’bo or Space Samurai have the necessary discipline and psychic talent. The Mthu’bo call this discipline Mthu’Rygas.

Perception is Reality

Void is technically invisible since it is out of phase with normal matter and light, Void technically isn’t real, but people still perceive it due to the psychic harmonic, so it is real. Interpretations vary by individual due to the tricks minds play on themselves, but a common perception is to “see” a darkened hole that flickers round the edges, and “hear” a warbling hum.

Practical Applications

Void Shift is central to modern technology. In particular, many Harness and Void Ships are designed specifically around the capability to Void Shift.

Void Inducers are devices that can shift a Reflex Matrix to Void.  These devices are common in Harness and Void Ships of interstellar travel, since only very talented individuals can accomplish a Void shift on their own, without the expensive device. Skilled ship crew can use Void Inducers to evade large hazards such as asteroids or suns, by passing through them.

Void Slip Inducers are tactical Void Inducers that can be used defensively, to “slip” incoming attacks. A ship or harness equipped with a TVI can instantly shift out of phase and then back again, allowing enemy fire to pass through harmlessly. Void Slip Inducers have a much faster response time than standard Void Inducers, but can only sustain Void Shift momentarily.

Void Blades are swords with a Reflex Matrix folded into the steel. These seemingly archaic weapons are formidable in right hands, for a wielder who can shift them to Void can souls. To use such a weapon, the wielder must invest some of his own soul into the blade, phasing the blade into Void, while holding the weapon with the portion of the soul within his hand, not the muscles. Space Samurai and Mthu’bo are famed wielders of Reflex Blades (although Mthu’bo call them Rygas blades). Some ships have Reflex Blades mounted on their hull.

Void is Relative

When a person causes Reflex to become Void, he does so by intentionally perceiving the Reflex matrix in it’s Void state. The wielder of a Reflex sword can will it to become a Void sword by visualizing it that way.  Void exists relative to the psyche perceiving the Void Shift. If a person holds a Reflex sword and Voids it then the Void sword is effectively bound to that person’s psyche. Thus, the person still perceives himself to be “holding” the sword, and it will still move with him. Conversely, dropping a Void sword will cause it to shift back to the normal Reflex state.

The contents of a Reflex vessel, such as a box, also become Void along with the box itself. When the navigator of a Reflex spaceship takes the ship Void, then the ship and everything inside also becomes Void. Neither the ship nor contents continue to exist in the same phase as normal matter. The ship could pass through an asteroid without any effect.