Reflex Speeders are fast space motorcycles, and some are even faster than light. Most can operate in space or on the surface of planets, using a small Silver Sail for propulsion.

Spacers often call them “Blink Bikes“, for they usually have a Void Slip Inducer that a quick-thinking rider (the only kind that survive long on these bikes) can use to “blink” ahead the bike’s path, either to hasten their pace even further or blink through whatever obstacle has suddenly loomed into vision. Speeders without the slip inducer aren’t as cool, and are just called speeder bikes.

Most Reflex Speeders are designed for a single rider, and can be open or enclosed. Naturally all the cool Spacers use open bikes.


Some speeders can accommodate a rider in Harness, but generally only the larger, slower models called “Hogs”.

Some Reflex Speeders are “Packable”, able to fold up behind a Harness like a backpack.

Some military versions are “Boosters” that mount on the back of Harness instead of being ridden on, boosting maneuverability and speed without changing the basic dynamics of piloting the Harness.


“Darkbikes” are equipped with Void Inducers, enabling the rider to ride in the Void. Not only does this make a badass sound, but the bike itself becomes a weapon, able to ride down foes like a Void Blade. Space Samurai just adore these things.


Some Reflex Speeders, particularly military models, have hard points for mounting weapons. However, due to the unpredictable method of movement, this can be as much a liability as a benefit, for a rider might blink himself into his own fire. Military riders are trained to think in four dimensions.