Some spacers turn to a life of crime,  raiding other ships, stations or even worlds. Space pirates routinely conduct nefarious operations such as capturing and plundering spacecraft for cargo, looting and occasionally stealing an entire spacecraft itself, and possibly killing or enlisting the hapless crew members.

Life as an intergalactic criminal has its pros and cons. The occupation rewards quick thinking and is quick teacher of many skills needed to survive in space. On the other hand, being a pirate means living a life on the run from the Scops and Burners, always trying to stay one Courier boat ahead of the latest heist or bounty.


Manufactured goods tend to the most lucrative to plunder. Raw materials are easily obtainable commodities since the advent of the Void Catapult, and only have value when they are in the right place at the right time. Materials that were once considered rare or precious (gold, jewels, radioactives) are a little more valuable than base materials, but the gap has narrowed considerably. The more sophisticated and well-crafted an item is, the more valuable it is.