Syncro Cannons (SCan) are particle beam rifles. These weapons fire a brilliant stream of heavy ions at near light speeds that cause tremendous damage, largely due to heat, but can also disrupt circuitry.

However, the defining characteristic of Syncro Cannons is that they are Reflex weapons that synchronize with the wielder’s perception. SCans fire themselves. SCan are one of the most potent weapons in military infantry.


Troops who carry them are specialists called “SCanners”, and usually favor enhanced optical gear, or Esper Lenses. A proficient wielder can control the weapon psychically, slaving the weapon guidance systems directly to the wielder’s perception of the tactical situation. The weapon will fire itself when the wielder identifies a threat in his mind, able to make automatic adjustments for range and motion. SCans fire a near-light speed and seldom miss their targets, as long as they are within the forward firing arc of the weapon.

“Don’t try to make me mad; I wouldn’t want my gun to accidentally shoot you.”

Due to the method of fire, SCanner military operatives are carefully selected and tested. SCanners tend to be cool under pressure and slow to anger, and can seem almost detached during combat. Hot-headed troops are moved into other units.


SCan have considerable energy draw and are powered by a bank of Reflex Cells that act as capacitors. Each cell stores the energy needed for a single shot. A standard SCan rifle has five cells and therefore five shots, while larger unit support SCans have more cells. Heavy SCan have an integral Reflex Furnace synchronized to cell cycle, recharging each cell independently once discharged, and take a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the quality of the Reflex Furnace. Lighter SCan do not have a Reflex Furnace, requiring additional cells or an external furnace for reload.