ThunderClappers are particle beam pistols. These small arms are the most common military and civilian sidearm.

These particle beam weapons fire a brilliant stream of heavy ions at near light speeds that cause tremendous damage, largely due to heat, but can also disrupt circuitry. At lower power settings the weapon can be used to incapacitate a target non-lethally, whether man or machine. At full power the beam burns a hole in just about anything.

The weapon gets its name from the effect it causes while firing in atmosphere. The particle beam looks like lightning and is followed by a satisfying thunderclap.


ThunderClappers are powered by a bank of Reflex Cells that act as capacitors. Each cell stores the energy needed for a single shot. A typical ThunderClapper has 2-20 cells, depending on the size of the weapon. Some support an attachable stock with additional cells. The cells are not compatible with larger weapons such as SCan, which have a significantly higher power draw and output.