Void Ships (Darkships) are spacecraft able to Void Shift and travel vast distances at the speed of thought. 


Void Ships have Reflex Matrices embedded in their hulls, which are then activated by Void Inducers to Void Shift.

Void Sails (Darksails) are used to follow the Shining Paths, discovering new worlds. A ship in Void Ship can unfurl these delicate skeins of Reflex Matrix to gather psychic energy and speed the ship along the Shining Paths. The sails shine brightly in strong currents, becoming “silver sails”. Simple, fast, and safe, void sailing is the most common method of interstellar travel. Most Cargo Ships use void sails.

Void Catapults are devices that are used in conjunction with a Void Inducer to throw a ship vast distances. These devices require careful operation, so that the ship is thrown in the desired direction and distance. The variability increases with distance and skill of the navigator, so catapults near planets or other stellar bodies are generally inadvisable, and systems maintain catapult relays away from inhabited planets and hazards. Some individuals are capable of accomplishing a Void Catapult on their own, without the expensive device. Void Catapulting takes vision, skill,  courage, and luck.

“Wait, but nothing can exceed the speed of light.”

Yes, precisely. A ship in Void Shift is orthogonal to normal matter, in effect nothing.  A ship in Void Shift is not subject to normal physical laws, which apply only to normal matter and energy. A Void ship exists relative to the mind performing the Void Shift, and will follow the perception of that mind when it believes itself to be somewhere else.

In other words, Void ships can instantly teleport anywhere the pilot can imagine. Thus, Void Catapults are best used to return to places the operator has previously been, in contrast with Void Sails, which are capable of discovering new worlds.