Shining Paths is the name of the game, referring to the trails followed or left behind by Spacers, particularly the ancients. Following the Shining Paths can lead to untold riches and also grave dangers.

The Shining Paths are space lanes between the star systems, akin to “ley lines” of the astral expanse. Following these paths is easier than forging a new track across the stars. Some Shining Paths are like highways left behind by the ancients. Dark Energy currents flow along the Shining Paths, which can speed Void Ships along if they are equipped with Void Sails.

Sail to explore what’s out there

The Shining Paths is fundamentally a game involving space exploration. Sometimes this involves finding new worlds (or old ones), derelicts, pirate bases, or new civilizations.

To do this the PCs can follow the Shining Paths, sailing a Darkship with its Black Sails. This lends itself well to an episodic campaign, where each game session presents a new encounter for the PCs to face and overcome. One week they stumble on a mysterious ice planet with an ion cannon that disables their ship, and the week after they pull into a space station for repairs, only to run afoul of a crime boss who forces them to agree to a perilous mission. We’ve all experienced our share of scifi books and shows and can pull together any number of short encounters.

Get started by exploring the Dorado Sector.

What will you find along the Shining Paths?

Catapult home…or somewhere new

However, this is only a fraction of the fun. A Darkship equipped with a Void Catapult can teleport anywhere the navigator can intentionally perceive the ship existing. Naturally this makes returning to places you’ve already been a snap, but what if you visualize a new place you haven’t been to before? Space is so vast that the ship is unlikely to materialize in the middle of something solid.

What new Shining Paths will you create?

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