The Māras are enigmatic beings of immense power, ancient and beyond mortal understanding. Maras wander the universe, sometimes as individuals or in small groups, and contact with them is always a risky affair, sometimes profitable but always perilous.

The Maras are one of the races of “Ancients” whose relics and ruins can be found along the Shining Paths, although they long ago transcended the needs for cities and ships. Their bodies are almost like Harness or Void Ships, seemingly fabricated of Reflex and able to fly and fight and Void Shift like a future Darkship.

Mara are psychically powerful and can perform god-like acts that even Mthu’bo cannot explain or emulate. Each Mara has a unique psychic pattern or glyph that is apparent even to individuals who are not psychically sensitive.

Despite their power, Maras can be killed, or at least their physical bodies can be destroyed, but doing so is not easy. Some rumors claim that Reflex was not invented, but instead discovered in the body of a fallen Mara.

According to the Mthu’bo, the Māras exist in the “ascendant” state of Mthu’Rygas. Their bodies are as pure Rygas (Reflex matrix) and their Mthu (souls) shine brightly and powerfully. To the Mthu’bo the Māras are Devas, gods or demons, depending on one’s outlook.

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