Akashi (commonly “Fragments”) are people who simultaneously live multiple lives. Each “Fragment” of an Akashi is a separate person, who also shares a common experience with the other fragments, which ranges from abstract feelings to a fully shared consciousness. Most Akashi have a feeling of odd waking dreams or deja vu, but highly connected Akashi can share sensory input and thoughts, regardless of the space between them.

While Akashi exist as multiple people at the same time, there is a common shared consciousness that is the core being or soul. The fragments are parts of the Akashi soul, yet ironically are often opposites, as if the Akashi wishes to complete a whole. The fragments do not necessarily share the same sensibilities or even get along.

Aashi can be Incarnates or even different species. The bond is psychic.

“You, complete…me.”

Simultaneously roleplaying fragments at-odds with each other is a fun challenge for even veteran players.

Akashi have a natural inclination towards becoming Espers. This may be due to the sensitivity of the Akashi soul, but it certainly plays to their strengths as collectors and distributors of information.

Governments and corporations recruit well-connected Akashi, for their abilities make then invaluable as communications officers, scouts, and special agents who they can instantaneously relay information between their Fragments across long distances. These highly-trained and attuned fragments may be called “Segments” in military units. Some Akashi are wary of these recruitment efforts, after hearing stories of military Segments being sent on one-way missions. After all, the agent wont actually die…


The means by which the Fragments are created is unknown outside of Akashi; but are apparently complicated: some fragments are born into a collective, other times they join it, and some fragments are purchased. This also relates to the apparent need of an Akashi to “complete itself” by having a variety of fragments. The Akashi apparently self-police such things, for cases of “hostile takeovers” or “possessions” are unheard of (but theoretically possible).

For all the mystery about how Fragments come into being, losing one is no less traumatic than losing a limb or an especially close twin sibling.

An Akashi character would consist of multiple PCs, each with separate Themes. However, at least one Theme must be shared between the PCs, forming the common consciousness. The player may add more fragments at any time, either introducing new PCs or bringing found NPCs into the fold.

Running multiple PCs works the same way whether or not they are Akashi. EachPlayer gets Burnable Dice, not each PC.