Mot make extensive use of Omegas to crew their ships, man their lancer cohorts, and populate their garrisons. Omegas are often called “Corpse Soldiers”, for they are Necroincarnates–cybernetically enhanced corpses.

The Mot create their Omegas by forcibly Incarnating captives (dead or alive) and putting them through complete reprocessing of their bodies and minds into their dreaded “corpse soldiers”. Omegas are left in their original bodies, which are no longer truly alive, but given motive force by cybernetic implants. Omegas are thoroughly conditioned to obey the Mot and their strictures. The result is a solder who feels no pain, has no fear, are is completely obedient to the Mot.

Mot will raid worlds when their supplies of hosts begins to run thin, but will also opportunistically board passing ships that appear weak.