Trade Stations are the hubs of interstellar trade, where Cargo Ships and other Void Ships dock to transfer cargo and passengers. Other ships can pick up the cargo for distribution to other systems, or Shuttles can glide down planetside.

Logisticians and form-fillers rule supreme in these places, yet they are also frequented by spacers of all kinds and from all sorts of places. Station inhabitants are often a breed apart, not quite fitting into the soft lifestyle of planet-dwellers (“landlubbers”) but not quite skilled or adventurous enough to be spacers.

Space is big. Systems are separated by vast black chasms that can only be crossed by Void Ships, either using Void Sails or Void Catapults. Key systems are located near crossings of the Shining Paths, ideally as many as possible. Stations usually also have Anchors to facilitate catapults, although many stations regulate catapult travel and charge premiums for ships arriving by catapult.