Bouncers are heavy attack ships who specialize in Relay Attacks, using void jumping to reach enemy fleets. Fully capable of crushing hard targets such as capitol ships, Bouncers can carry extreme payloads of munitions on short, focused attack runs, culminating in a spectacular pyrotechnic “death blossom” before jumping back to base for resupply.  They are workhorses, usually the ugliest and deadliest ships in the fleet.

Bouncer pilots usually operate in teams of three, a pilot, co-pilot, and gunner. The pilot is in command of the initial assault jump, the gunner immediately targeting enemies and deploying munitions, while the co-pilot works on an immediate return jump back to base.

Bouncers rely on “Trampoline” scout ships and spotters to call in and guide a Relay Attack, similar to how a spotter plane or sniper might call in an air strike on ground targets.

[Begin decoded transmission; client A547-5319550032] Variable this is Oculus Alpha Five Four Seven. Contact: we have Mot capitol bogies at our edge. Sighted: Mot fleet, capitol three, total thirteen, wall formation, observing. [Attachment: SightingReport52-0 ] We are void with flanking position, clear for optimal relay solution, direct relay line. [Attachment: RelaySolution52-1]. Repeat: Relay optimal, direct relay line. Break some bones. Over. [End decoded transmission; relay callback 39871]

[Begin relay callback 39871] Oculus Alpha Five Four Seven this is Variable Five Six Niner. Copy your sighting and relay solution. Directive: relay high velocity run. Repeat: Bouncers enroute, high-v run. Enjoy the show. Out. [End relay callback]

Relay Attacks & Trampolines

In a Relay Attack, a fleet of attack ships known as “Bouncers” void jump to a “Trampoline” spotter ship and make their attack run on the targets. The Trampoline does not directly engage, avoiding contact and staying on target as long as necessary. Depending on the attack solution, Bouncers might emerge for a high velocity attack run, sighting along the Trampoline as if it were a sniper.

Trampolines continue to monitor the situation during and after relays, and may be called on to relay additional ships for multiple attack runs, or during mopup and salvage operations. Trampolines rarely participate directly in the exchange, typically only firing at ships that threaten to shift their relay line off-target. If attacked directly, a Trampoline is more likely to void jump to a nearby alternate location and re-establish a new relay line.