Nov 16, 2016 – 5kr3l “Skrel” (Saxon) and H7drae|97 “Hydra” (Joel) The Burners are in space!

Tau Station, in a bar. 5kr3l and H7drae are both broke, both have Rygas blades, and both like looking for trouble. Skrel isn’t drinking his drink, but remembers what that was like. Skrel remembers he had a ship until he crashed it into the spaceport; the bill is still being calculated, so it won’t be pretty and it might be good to leave. Not to mention it wasn’t Skrel’s ship…

Skrel is on the lookout for people who have ships and probably don’t deserve them. He spots three freighter pilots (not ferrymen) who have been drinking way too much. They are grumbling about not making enough money on their runs to Centurion5, perhaps because that station is only a short-range sail.

Freighter pilots are like truckers, making cargo runs between stations. Void Sails are usually used for short and medium runs, and Void Catapults for the longest runs. Ferrymen take the cargo from the stations to the surface using Void Catapults, and are highly regulated due to security concerns about anyone knowing anchors on planet surfaces.

Hydra consults his Data Sphere and learns the men are local union members, and probably not well paid. They would be interested in finding longer range runs.

Skrel and Hydra move closer and start to discuss a station they remember and how nice it was. They slowly make conversation and draw out the pilots to get them to go somewhere with them. Skrel regales them with stories of scattered stars and charms them.

The Gullwind

The spacers go to the docks and get their first glimpse of the ship. It’s an older model, but has sleek, elegant lines. The pilots mention how she’s a beauty and has been around, but they haven’t used the catapult in a very long time.

The spacers go aboard and check out the catapult. Skrel says it’s an ancient model–they don’t make them like that anymore. It’s a sensitive piece of equipment so Skrel runs diags and notices that there are some inconsistencies in the readouts, so this catapult might misread the operator’s intentions on occasion, which would jump to the wrong location.

The ship hold also contains a partial shipment of medicine to Centurion5, the remainder to be loaded in the next couple of days. Since there was a lot of foot traffic,Skrel searches the ship for other passengers, but doesn’t find anyone hiding in plain sight.

Ghost of the Gullwind

The freighter pilots also mention that the ship computer occasionally crashes and needs to reboot, which takes a few minutes. Skrel takes a look at the computer but the logs indicate there have been no crashes. Hydra notices that the ship logs have been altered, and at some point recently have changed format, now being recorded in third person present tense, such as “Gullwind is enjoyably sailing to Tau Station, wheee!”, or “Gullwind was requested to reboot during nap time; request denied lolz”. Clearly there is a ghost in the computer. Hydra also notices that ghost has left the ship on occasion, roaming the station.

Most interestingly, there are log entries where the ghost muses about ways to operate the Void Catapult. Skrel sends a communication through the computer listing a few potential destinations for the first catapult. He hopes the ghost will answer. The ghost alters the crew’s responses to indicate a system fairly close to the core, the Hemmel-Mainz Shipyards. Skrel announces the destination and the ship log says “Gullwind is going home, wheee!”.

The Gullwind is an HMS6 freighter of Hemmel-Mainz Shipyards. An elegant vessel capable of carrying first class passengers as well as cargo. The ship normally has a mirrored reflective hull, and a retractable laser battery.

Everyone prepare to jump

Skrel decides to connect his lense to the ship and try a catapult. He announces the jump and secures corridors, closing every door on the ship. Skrel takes the ship Void and then pictures the Hemmel-Mainz Shipyards…and the ship is there. In just an instant, they have travelled a vast distance.

Skrel initiates a second jump to Trojan5, a pleasure planet on the rim. There is a lot of neon at the station. Skrel leaves to “pick up a package” and says the ship will leave tomorrow night. The freighter crew gleefully disembark to go have some fun.

Skrel returns to the ship and begins jump procedures. The computer asks about the crew and Skrel acknowledges their reassignment to station duty. He has boosted the Gullwind.

Omega “Corpse Solder”


Their next stop is station Lambda7 (Λ7), a station on the edge of Mot space. They sleep in shifts before going onto the station, once again to a tavern to plan.

They hear a scuffle in the corridor. Some civilians are being conscripted by a squad of six Omegas! The tavern is near the docs, and the corpse soldiers are presumably taking the captives to their ship. Hydra forms a manifestation of psychic energy in the form of a long tentacle-lash, and activates his probability shift. Skrel moves to the data terminal in the bar, which he notes has already been tampered with.

Hydra whips the rearmost Omega and wraps the shimmering silver whip around it’s vile neck, yanking it’s broken soul from its corpse, and it collapses to the ground.

As the Omegas turn around, Hydra retreats into the tavern and Skrel remotely closes the door in lockdown mode after a couple of the Omegas come through. The Omegas rush at Hydra, razor knuckle claws swinging, but his image shifts and blurs to evade, and flicks his whip to reap another Omega. The last Omega tries to grab Hydra and claw him, but the flickering Mthu’bo evades the corpse soldier again. Skrel meanwhile approaches from behind the last soldier and pokes it in the head with his Void Blade.

With the room empty, Skrel tries to see through the door with his HRV Lens, but it’s having trouble. Skrel opens the door and two Omegas are standing right there. Hydra dodges the claws and whips one of them, causing its arm to go limp as he severs the silver cord controlling that limb. The fight continues and the spacers stand over defeated corpse soldiers.

Next Session: The spacers see one of the reprieved conscripts off down the corridor. What will they learn when they speak with her?