Nov 30, 2016 – 5kr3l “Skrel” (Saxon), H7drae|97 “Hydra” (Joel), and Chet (Brian)

Λ7 (Lambda7) Station, in a the bar where Skrel and Hydra fought five Omegas in the previous session.


The owner of the bar, who previously asked if the situation was under control, congratulates the men on a thrashing well done, but wants his door unhacked. He introduces himself as Chet, the chef and proprietor of Hell’s Kitchen, a darkship tavern. The same tavern with the five dead Omegas on the floor, and the door that 5kr3l just hacked. Chet whistles for his bus boy, who to clean up the corpse soldiers. (Chet may be on the station to collect some corpse meat or spare cybernetic parts.)

After that Omega!

Chet grabs his cleaver and a spoon (both are reflex blades) and the trio runs off down the corridor after the fleeing Omega. They follow the trail of disturbed civilians to a hangar, which registry signboard reads “C4404 | Cog | Mot”.

A quick peek inside shows four corpse soldiers in battle dress with various rifles, including a sniper. Skrel ducks out of view and starts hacking the hangar computer, working on a hack to close the inner door and cycle the airlock. While station airlocks have a physical failsafe to prevent a fully open portal to vacuum, it’s theoretically possible to cycle the airlock rapidly enough to pull a person who is standing too near the door. A couple of the Omegas are within the yellow box…

Hydra hates the Mot, in fact some of his Akashi fragments have been battling the Mot for millennia. He stands in the doorway and orders them to repent or face his wrath. Naturally the corpse soldiers stand their ground and gesture for him to enter the hanger. Hydra channels his psyche to create writhing green energy tentacles and a shield. Given probable cause the Omegas need no further encouragement to open fire.

Foreign Soil / Castle Doctrine

Ship hangars are generally considered “foreign soil” and most station restrictions do not apply. In particular, “castle doctrine” normally applies, where the ship crew is within their rights to defend their ship against hostile invasion.

Station security forces do not generally enter hangars unless extenuating circumstances apply, such as if a crewmember commits an egregious crime and then retreats to their ship for sanctuary.

So in this scene, the Omegas are technically within their rights to open fire since they are being attacked. On the other hand, most stations are unsympathetic to Mot and will engage in passive aggressive behavior to screw them over whenever possible.

Spin Cycle

Skrel hacks the hangar airlock. The station-side door slides shut and everyone nearby hears and feels the airlock cylinder going through a “spin cycle”. Presumably life inside the hanger is much more exciting than before, as everyone gets a breath of fresh air, nice and cold from the vacuum of space!

  • rules note: A specific “hack” (attacking program) is considered an Ability that must be Readied, in this case the hack will create an area-effect attack. So a player must make a Ready Roll to create a hack.

After a minute the hanger refills with air and the door opens again. Only two of the Omegas are visible, so presumably two were ejected out into space. (Note that necroincarnates can survive in a vacuum.) The ship’s engines are warmed up, but they seem to be having trouble with the hangar doors, since they were hacked by Skrel.

The rifle Vs. knife fight resumes, ending when a station security team arrives. Skrel, Hydra, and Chet are all sitting pretty but the Omegas are mostly missing arms and souls.

Next: How will station security react to the conflict? They have no love for the Mot, but this station is their home, and station security teams are all spec ops types. It’s sure to be interesting.

Station Security Teams

Station security teams are no joke. Space stations are isolated habitats floating in space, and a threat to the station could kill everyone inside or send the vessel plummeting to the planet below.

With everything to lose, stations spend considerable resources recruiting and training spec ops security teams. They recruit only the best-of-the-best, usually a mixture of elite Lancers, Burners, Mthu-bo, as well as non-combatant scientists, Espers, hackers, and other support personnel.

Security teams have the resources of the station at their disposal and are equipped with whatever they need, such as heavy harness, ships, void blades, and firepower that isn’t legal for anyone else to bring aboard the station. These men and women are fighting for not only their lives, but those of their family, friends, and fellow citizens of their habitat.