The Security Operations teams (SecOps) responsible for maintaining security of ships and stations are no joke. Space stations are isolated habitats floating in space, and a threat to the station could kill everyone inside or send the vessel plummeting to the planet below.

With everything to lose, stations spend considerable resources recruiting and training SecOps security teams. They recruit only the best-of-the-best, usually a mixture of elite Lancers, Burners, Mthu’bo, as well as non-combatant scientists, Espers, hackers, and other support personnel.

SecOps teams have the resources of the station at their disposal and are equipped with whatever they need, such as heavy harness, ships, void blades, and firepower that isn’t legal for anyone else to bring aboard the station.

These men and women are fighting for not only their lives, but those of their family, friends, and fellow citizens of their habitat.

Comrades in arms

The characters may find that they have more in common with SecOps than most other people they meet. They will quite often have similar backgrounds, particularly military units, and may be old buddies or have heard of one another. They share more of an understanding of the dark side of hostile conflicts, and the messes that the paper-pushers will never understand. They both speak the same language of competence in extreme situations that do not tolerate failure.