Dec 7, 2016 – 5kr3l “Skrel” (Saxon), H7drae|97 “Hydra” (Joel), and Chet (Brian)

Λ7 (Lambda7) Station, in the hangar where Skrel and Hydra fought armed Omegas in the previous session.


The SST (station security team) arrives and stops the fight. There is a single order to “drop your weapons”, and everyone complies except the single surviving Omega, who is dispatched because he didn’t drop his rifle. That raises an eyebrow from Skrel and Hydra since the Omega’s arms were no longer attached to his body (courtesy of Skrel’s kukri) but the security team shrugs–the corpse soldier might have remote control, know knows. Two things are clear, nobody loves the Mot and don’t mess with SST.

They recover a few more conscripts aboard the Mot ship, and ensure there aren’t any additional Omegas still crawling. They take statements from Skrel and Hydra, but clearly aren’t interested in detaining them, even if they aren’t officially allowed to thank them. Security the puts the hangar into lockdown. (Interestingly, the security team members are a lot more like the spacers than the other people in the station.)

The Cog

The spacers briefly considers boosting the Mot cog, but stealing a corpse ship is unappealing and complicated in too many ways to make it worthwhile. The smells and possibility of novel new diseases alone make this unattractive. There is probably also a large Mot ship outside the station that is the home of this small cog.

Gullwind wants a new paint job

The spacers realize they need money. “Gullwind wants a new paint job.”  Once they realize that the ship actually needs a reflective coating, they know it’s going to cost a lot. The ship seems to hear this, and the logs talk about being “shiny”.

They remember the shipment of medical supplies on the ship and investigate what they have. They find crates of antivirals, and remember that there were other parts of the shipment awaiting loading. The supplies were destined for Fenrythane 4, and news sources reveal that there is indeed a widespread outbreak of Thavian slodge flu. The full cargo shipment is likely needed for full herd immunity.

Tau Station Ɐ?

The spacers void catapult back to Tau Station to load the additional antivirals. They see the familiar green planet below the station…at least what was once a station. Is this the right place or did Skrel pilot them to a different world? Perhaps this is an alternate Tau Station, which would be called “Tau Station Ɐ” for “alt”.


Alternates (Ɐ)

An “Alternate” is a location or material good that is from an alternate location. Alternates are designated with the “turned A” (Ɐ or ɐ), so “Tau Station Ɐ” would indicate an alternate version of Tau Station.

The advent of the Void Catapult introduced mankind to alternative realities. A mis-catapult might carry a void ship to a world or station that seems like the intended destination, but is actually an alternative of the intended reality. The alternative is just as real isn’t the specific destination that was intended. The alternative actually exists in the same universe, but is somewhere else, possibly immeasurably far away.

The term “alternate” can also be applied to manufactured goods from an alternate location. Alternate goods might look just like “real” goods, but there might be any number of imperceptible variations. Any alternate goods need to be closely examined and tested as thoroughly as possible, for literally anything might be different from normal. For example, a battery might have revered polarity or an oxygen canister might contain methane.

Hydra starts scanning the station to look for signs of life and valuables. He finds medical supplies just like they ones they were looking for, at least they have the right markings. They realize that these might not actually be the same set of supplies since they have probably suffered a catapult error, but approach the station to load the supplies regardless.

rules note: Hydra needs to ready the ability to use ship sensors by spending a die before he can use them.

Some warning lights start flashing in the cockpit announcing that a weapons system has locked onto the ship. Hydra determines that a torpedo battery has locked on and takes evasive action to fly the ship around the station before it fires! He breaks the lock and closes with the station to get within the minimum firing range. He finds a place to land the Gullwind near one of the breached airlocks. The sound of the magnetic couplings reverberate through the ship with a clang and the spacers make ready for EVA. They decide to go after the torpedo tubes instead of the medicine.

aphetor_missile_launcher_battery_by_m_vitzh-d6nq0nxThey find a “torpedo remote”, a large canister bot with magnetized tread legs. There is a small anti-personnel weapon turret on the bottom, but otherwise the remote is intended as an anti-ship weapon. Hydra void blinks himself and Skrel to the upper side of the remote, and Skrel begins to hack into it. After a few tries the square of red lights turns into a ring of green lights and the sensor arrays retract. It’s safe now, right? Skrel finds the remote control device, which looks like a briefcase, and drives it back to the ship and up into the cargo hold and powers it OFF.

After putting their new torpedo launcher to bed they go after the medical supplies. This involves a long EVA trek across the surface of the station. One of Skrel’s harness legs starts acting up, with a servo seizing up intermittently. Skrel hacks open the cargo bay doors and they enter. They organize the cargo and Skrel works on getting it back into the ship. The signature matches that of the antivirals they were supposed to pick up, but they suspect these might be “alternates”.