Dec 21, 2016 – 5kr3l “Skrel” (Saxon), H7drae|97 “Hydra” (Joel), Gr4!L (Rae), and Chet (Brian, absentee)

Tau Station Ɐ, in orbit around a destroyed alternate Tau Station. The spacers have picked up a torpedo remote and shipments of medicine. They decide to keep looting the station.

Ɐ Torpedo Flu

They decide that more torpedoes are better, and look for other torpedo remotes to hack and load as cargo. Hydra finds a central command but determines that it is broadcasting orders for the remotes to shut down…clearly they have not been following orders. Skrel pulls the program from the torpedo remote they captured to see if he an debug the problem. He finds a virus in the remote software that overrides their orders to aggressively attack all ship in sight!  Skrel also learns that the “fire on sight” directive was triggered by sighting a particular ship visual pattern matching a file which was then expunged from the system at the start of the virus program. Apparently the first torpedo remote to sight the triggering ship then broadcast a signal to the others to go into aggro mode.


They decide to find the Port Authority main computer for the station. This is easy, as the location is broadcast on public channels for all visitors to find. They go through the station, which is spinning asymmetrically with partial gravity due to the severe station damage.

Along the way Hydra detects psychic imprints–someone is living here! He follows the signs to the Ambassador’s Lounge–a place he has never been able to afford visiting before, and precisely where one might go if marooned on a derelict space station. The quarry of his hunt is attempting to hide, hiding her (?) psychic trail, but not well enough to putt off Hydra.

They speak and make introductions, and Gr4!L joins the PCs. Her stated purpose is delivery from being marooned on the station, and then vengeance against those who put her here two years ago. They arrived to find medicine but the crew found a better cargo and left GrA!L here since they knew she would object to the shift in priorities.

She says she still has the medicine in cargo bay E4 (which sounds familiar to Hydra and Skrel). She was hired to smuggle the medicine to the resistance fighters on the surface of Losorri, and are willing to pay huge sums for the service.

Skrel hacks into the station customs logs to find interesting contraband to loot. He finds one item that catches his eye a “prosthetic harness firearm”. There are also other various items such as “ampules of viral opiates” and a “alternate autodoc”. They decide to go to visit the lockup, which is a secure area near the port authority with a retina scanner. Skrel inserts his logic bomb into the scanner and hacks the door open. The prosthetic might be a useful “firearm” or “handgun” for Hydra. There are also various holdout weapons.

Losorri Diplomatic Envoy

Skrel also downloads the station logs to see if they can figure out which ship triggered the “Torpedo Flu”. There were three ships that passed by just before the attack. Two left before the attack but one is stuck in a damaged hangar T5. They find T5 and a badly damaged freighter–the hanger and half the freighter were reduced to debris in the attack. Skrel boards the ship to search for clues, conveniently the central core of the ship is exposed and easily accessible. The ship logs say this was a diplomatic ship from Losorri. Skrel thinks the Torpedo Flu may have been intended to attack this ship, but due to the large number of torpedo remotes and the way the virus was written, the ship docked before the torpedos began firing. (Sigh, amateurs…)

They find records in the ship detailing the diplomatic mission from Losorri. The diplomats came to Tau Station plead for assistance against a rival faction who is exterminating the planetside populace from the safety of the Losorri Station. Tau is one stop upstream from Losorri.

I want a Torpedo too

Going after another torpedo remote, they decide to clamber along beneath it this time, through the various gantries and conduits that cover the surface of the station. They find nearby cover that blocks line of sight from the anti-personnel gun. Hydra tosses a piece of conduit that he cut off the station and Skrel leaps up to the side of the torpedo remote. Bullets richochet off Skrel’s harness, but his leap takes him longer than expected, and eventually he takes a hit that severs the right leg of his harness. Hydra void blinks up to the turret and starts to jam the point of his warpike into the joint, but before he does that Skrel takes severe damage, bits fly off, and his harness becomes nonfunctional. Hydra enters the access port and hits the manual off switch for the torpedo remote.

Gr4!L transforms her harness to ship-mode (laserbeak?) and grabs Skrel, then carries him back to the ship. Since Skrel’s assault harness is nonfunctional they install his incarnation into the “Firearm” prosthetic-harness. They return to the torpedo remote and finish hacking it, then bring it back to the ship. Skrel notices that the torprdo remote is yet another harness he could drive…

Next Session: GrA!L wants to deliver the medicine to Losorri.