This is a general guide to prices of equipment and vehicles.

All costs are given in Credits (Cr), which is the term spacers use for the standard unit of currency, although each system has its own currency. Larger values use normal abbreviations for thousands (KCr), millions (MCr), and billions (BCr).

Costs are loosely based on the closest modern real-world equivalent, adjusted for space. This gives GMs and players an easy open-ended means of determining prices.


  • semi-auto pistol: 400Cr
  • semi-auto rifle: 500Cr
  • SMG (sub-machine gun): 600Cr
  • disc pistol, Doubloon: 900Cr
  • assault rifle: 1KCr
  • sniper rifle: 1KCr (Remington 700)
  • rail pistol, Railvolver: 1.6KCr
  • particle beam pistol, Thunderclapper: 8KCr
  • rail sniper rifle: 12KCr (M82)
  • particle beam SMG, light Syncro Cannon (SCan): 20KCr
    • no Reflex Furnace
  • particle beam rifle, Syncro Cannon (SCan): 30KCr
    • add enhanced Reflex Furnace: +10KCr
  • particle beam cannon, heavy Syncro Cannon (SCan): 60KCr

Melee Weapons

  • knife: 40Cr
  • sword: 500Cr
  • Reflex knife: 1KCr
  • Reflex lance: 4KCr
  • Reflex blade (longsword): 15KCr


  • Reflex speeder, economy (no blink): 30KCr
  • Reflex speeder, blink bike: 200KCr
  • Reflex speeder, packable: 300KCr
  • Reflex speeder, military: 500KCr
  • Reflex speeder, harness booster: 600KCr
  • Reflex speeder, darkbike: 900KCr
  • armored ground truck: 220KCr
  • Reflex tank: 9MCr (M-1 Abrams)
  • Void tank, Pangolin HS6: 30MCr

Organic Harness

  • Battle suit: 300Cr
  • Vacsuit: 3KCr
  • Battle armor: 1KCr
  • Battle power armor: 5KCr
  • Battle armor, orbital: 20KCr
  • Battle power armor, UGOA – UGOA A-1: 200KCr
  • Reflex suit: 30KCr
  • Reflex vacsuit: 300KCr
  • Reflex armor: 100KCr
  • Reflex power armor: 500KCr
  • Reflex power armor, orbital: 2MCr

Battle Pods (dual pilot harness)

  • Battle pod (dual pilot), Kalesh D-42: 400KCr
  • Reflex battle pod (dual pilot): 2MCr

Incarnate Harness

  • Assault harness (incarnate): 400KCr
  • Luxury harness (incarnate), Senpai VT1: 500KCr
  • Reflex harness (incarnate): 1MCr
  • Reflex assault harness (incarnate): 2MCr


  • “hero” action cam remote: 500Cr
  • recon remote (unarmed scout): 5KCr
  • force recon remote (armed scout): 80KCr
  • assault remote: 150KCr
  • artillery or torpedo remote: 350KCr (RUR-5 ASROC)

Shuttles (Surface-Orbital Shuttles)

Shuttles are short-ranged atmospheric ships that shuttle cargo between the surface of a planet and orbit. Most can dock with orbital ships or stations. They are not equipped with Void Sails, although they can usually Void Blink back to orbit.

  • shuttle, atmospheric: 30M (C-130)
  • super shuttle, atmospheric: 330MCr (777)

Lightships, Civilian

Lightships are short-ranged ships that must stay near a carrier, station, or planet. They are only equipped with conventional engines, not Void Sails.

  • cog: 5M (Huey UH-1) — non-atmospheric

Darkships, Civilian

Lightships, Military

Lightships are short-ranged ships that must stay near a carrier, station, or planet

  • lightship, drone: 15MCr (predator drone)
  • lightship, fighter: 30MCr (F-18)
  • lightship, interceptor: 100MCr (F-15E)
  • lightship, scout: 176MCr (E-2 Hawkeye)
  • lightship, destroyer: 1.8BCr (Arleigh Burke class)
  • lightship, carrier: 4.5BCr (Nimitz class)

Darkships, Military

Military darkships can project power anywhere. Their elite academy-graduated navigators can reliably use Void Catapults even in the heat of battle.

  • darkship, armored courier: 30MCr
  • darkship, starfighter, H-21 “Hex”: 150M (F-22)
  • darkship, starfighter, Gryphon G-1: 330MCr (F-35)
  • darkship, assault corvette ALXA: 360MCr (LCS-1)
    • e.g. raider/pirate
  • darkship, recon corvette: 430MCr
  • darkship, bouncer (attack ship): 510MCr
  • darkship, frigate: 700MCr (LCS-2)
  • darkship, LPD (landing platform dock): 1.7BCr (San Antonio class)
  • darkship, assault ship: 3BCr (America class)
  • darkship, destroyer: 4BCr (Zumwalt class)
  • darkship, carrier: 10.4BCr (Gerald R. Ford class)

Ship Costs: Use modern ship costs as estimates, and add the word “space”. For example you can look up price of an actual aircraft carrier to find the cost of a space aircraft carrier. Use the most advanced (often stealth) versions of ships for darkships, and previous generation ships for lightships.

Repairs and Salvage

Repair costs are typically 10% of full price for normal damage and 25% for extensive (“totaled”) damage, or more (~50%) for a salvaged derelict. However, repairs take time.

Selling used gear usually takes half the price. Alternates usually only go for 25% of normal, but on rare occasions can sell for even more than a normal version.