Jan 11, 2017 – 5kr3l “Skrel” (Saxon), H7drae|97 “Hydra” (Joel), Gr4!L (Rae, absentee), and Chet (Brian, absentee)

Tau Station Ɐ, aboard the Gullwind.

Skrel has taken over the “firearm” harness since in the last session his “assault harness” was destroyed. He communicates with the other crew members via an equivalent of text messages.

The Path to Losorri

The spacers research Losorri, reading news and planetary databases from the Gullwind ship database. They concluded that flying to the planet might put them on the wrong side of the quarantine blockade, and look for an escape capsule that could be repurposed as a cargo dropship. Skrel finds one capsule that was unused and two that had malfunctions and didn’t leave the station. Hydra sets off to bring them back, strapping Skrel to his missing arm.

Along the way to the first escape pod they find a cargo bay filled with foodstuffs, a medical center, and a chasm that they cross and string a cable across to act as a tether. The pod looks like it never fired and they find a several mummified passengers inside. It appears that they tried to carry too many people and too much stuff with them during their exodus. They put the pod into maintenance mode and use a loader to undock it from the station and push it off into space, where they can pick it up later. They recover the other two pods similarly.

Skrel programs one pod to act as a message bottle. The pod contains a sample of the antiviral and instructions on how to contact the spacers on an encrypted channel. They fill a cargo hold with random garbage so they can dump it along with the pod.

Tau System

The spacers catapult back to Tau to pick up the last containers of antivirals. Skrel has a good feeling about this being the right place this time.

This is also necessary because while Tau is upstream from Losorri, but Tau Ɐ is NOT…it is not Tau at all and is somewhere else in the universe. Tau Station Ɐ is not actually Tau–it is just what the PCs call it since it feels like Tau to them.

They dock and load the remaining cargo modules of antivirals into the Gullwind.

They search the Tau news database and find that Losorri has been going through a civil war for the past few years. The two factions are the Selari (militant industrialists) and Orethi (liberal environmentalists).

Arms Dealers

Tau Station, Unrestricted Zone

They want to procure a new harness for Skrel, so they decide to sell one of the alternate Torpedo Remotes. They move the ship to a different part of the station with more lax  security policy, and Hydra goes to a dive bar where arms dealer spacers hang out, find a booth, and start playing a “movie” of a torpedo schematic. Hydra keeps his hand under the table. A buyer approaches and they negotiate the deal, with the video replay of the battle at Tau Ɐ.

A dive bar is an establishment outside the station SecOps DMZ. Patrons are typically spacers, and usually armed.

The buyer follows Hydra to the Gullwind to inspect the goods, and they are followed by two gangsters who demand a 20% cut. Hydra attempts to force a negotiation and a fight ensues.

They close the hangar doors and finish the business transaction. They agree to meet at certain coordinates near orbit to transfer the two torpedo remotes.

Next Session: Off to Losorri?