Reflex Blades (Rygas Blades) are swords or other edged weapons constructed of Reflex, a crystalline matrix that can be hardened similar to steel, but in the hands of a psionically trained warrior can become Void and cut through armor to sever the soul. 

Void Blade will cut through mundane materials, only cutting through psionic energy such as the souls of enemies. This formidable power, along with the high degree of skill required to wield a non-physical sword blade, has put these weapons out of the reach of common soldiers, and only useable by mystic warriors such as Space Samurai and Mthu’bo.

Despite the fearsome ability to reap enemies souls, Reflect Blades can actually harm robots and  Incarnates, for their power supplies are usually Reflex Furnaces, which are fueled by psionic energy.