Jan 25, 2017 – 5kr3l “Skrel” (Saxon), H7drae|97 “Hydra” (Joel), Gr4!L (Rae, absentee), and Chet (Brian, absentee)

Tau System

The spacers are in neutral system space transferring Torpedo Remotes from the Gullwind to a buyer’s ship,  in exchange for a payment of 700KCr (Tau). (Skrel intends to spend a lot of that to fix or replace his Senpai harness.) The deal goes smoothly, business as usual.


As the ships part ways, an apparently hostile Darkship appears on an intercept course. Skrel ignites maneuvering thrusters to simultaneously shunt laterally and turn towards Tau Station. Hydra deploys the laser turret.

The attacking ship tries to blast the Gullwind but Skrel evades and Hydra damages the other ship’s Reflex Sail. Skrel the accelerates towards the raider and turns to release cargo at it. The cargo misses, but Hydra scores another hit with the laser turret on the top maneuvering thrusters, and Skrel also dodges a laser turret pulse.

Skrel continues his J-turn and begins to pull away from the disabled ship, utilizing the blind spot that the attacker can’t easily turn into without rolling.

Skrel begins to research the attacking ship, a Losorri frigate. They wonder if the gangsters back on Tau Station put a bounty on their heads.

Tau Station

The spacers head to Tau Station and dock. The control tower asks if they were involved in the firefight, which was apparently noticed. Station authorities request an immediate meeting and visit the Gullwind. The “pirate” ship is apparently a Losorri fleet ship, and has been joined by its Trampoline support ship handler. A longer discussion ensues, and the spacers realize they were lucky this time, but the situation remains a mystery.

Skrel puts his combat harness in for repairs (100KCr) and buys a Senpai (500KCr) to wear in the meanwhile. They spend a couple of days properly instructing the repair shop (“don’t touch the software!”) and getting dialed-in to the Senpai harness.

Hydra contact an arms dealer and commissions a Syncro Cannon with an enhanced Reflex Furnace, but shortened to an SMG form factor (120KCr).

Next Session: Boarding action on the Losorri ship? To Losorri system?