In T1810 two fleets of Darkships entered the Dorado Fringe via SP ƛ Lambda and SP Ω Omega. The fleets took up position in the Sollima Bastion system, identifying themselves as the “Mot”. The ship designs were eerily similar to derelicts found in the Dorado Fringe, dating prior to discovery of the system.


The Mot hailed the station, requesting permission to send a diplomatic envoy to discuss an alliance against mutual threats. The request was granted and a Mot cog docked with Sollima5 Bastion Station. The meetings proceeded amicably and laid the groundwork for further discussions and trade. Mot medical tech was advanced and highly sought after, able to eliminate diseases and even able to revive the dead.

By T1811 the Mot were admitted into the Dorado League, despite protests by the refugees who had fled from them just a few years prior, as well as a limited number of worlds in the Dorado Fringe who claimed the Mot had subjugated their people in prior centuries.

Mot began to trade in Dorado in T1811. Due to the overwhelming size of the Mot fleets, the bulk would remain in Dorado and only  a small fraction of ships would travel to trade with nearby systems.