March 29, 2017 – 5kr3l “Skrel” (Saxon), H7drae|97 “Hydra” (Joel), Gr4!L (Rae, absentee), and Chet (Brian), and Amir Ghaqi (Scott)

Losorri Prime, Orethi Quarantine Zone

Looking for info, they fly to the suburb of Taganskaya and land in a deserted patch of wetland near a high school. Then trudge through the silt to get to the school, looking for the library data terms. The door has an archaic key lock, stumping the hackers.

Amir Ghaqi

Chet is outside in the marsh looking for herbs and extra bits to put into his signature dish. He hears the distinctive sound of a darkbike bearing down on him! Chet voids his spoon and slashes at the biker as he passes, trying to ride him down. Probably surprised that his quarry wasn’t so helpless after all, the rider slips back and stops a distance away, pulling out a bolt rifle and taking aim.

Chet prepares for the worst, caught out in the open, but just as the rifle fires the hunter is hit in the shoulder by a blast originating from behind Chet! A Space Samurai in black harness jets past, drawing his blade and cleaves the hunter in twain.

The samurai introduces himself as Amir Ghaqi (Space Samurai Mthu’bo Incarnate Space Cop) and says he is here to help. Apparently the LSS (Losorri Squib Syndicate) has put a price on the ship and crew, dead or alive, and this is attracting lots of attention from bad people with bad intentions. The attacker is a burner named Tresk, whom Amir Ghaqi has been hunting for some time now.

Amir Ghaqi makes friends (not as simple as it sounds) and brings his new darkbike (taken from Tresk) on board the Gullwind. He fills them in on the LSS, who has apparently been able to track the Gullwind somehow. AG decides to temporarily block the ship’s transponder, which emits a DE signal.


The third drop coordinates correspond to the Novatek factory in the Orethi quarantine zone. The surrounding area is desolate and appears to have been heavily bombed, but the factory is down inside a crevasse and may still be intact.

With their damaged sensors the Gullwind is flying partially blind, but they can’t risk a visit to a spaceport for repairs, especially with their transponder masked.

They fly into the Novatek crevasse, which is wide enough for flight and extremely deep. They see concrete buildings and windows in the crevasse walls, and landing pad lights down below. The pad at the end of the crevasse corresponds exactly to the drop coordinates. There are no signs of life, no radio chatter, just dead silence.

Hydra senses some living beings holed up in a bunker near the landing page. He also senses Mot further along the crevasse floor. They use a flashing light to communicate with the bunker, and using codes quickly come to terms for an extra delivery fee of 1MCr. They start offloading the medicine, but the people suggest that they evacuate personnel instead, and fifty passengers load up.


As the Gullwind is lifting off, a Losorri gunboat crewed by Omegas approaches from down the crevasse. Graile fires the laser turret while Skrel maneuvers to avoid the gunboat’s quad gauss turrets. Skrel powers up the engines and the ship leaps upward, probably because the ship is underground and closer to Dark Energy wavefronts from the planet core. The Gullwind spits out of the crevasse and into the sky.

Novatek Rescue

Skrel sets the ship down out in some hills, out of sight, to have a chat with the refugees. After a dose of the plague medicine they have a chat. The people are Novatek employees, mostly who worked down at the landing pads, which were quite advanced and the equivalent of a spaceport. There are dock hands, loaders, and repair crew, technicians, and admins of various kinds. They know their way around ships, and some of the technicians take a look at the Gullwind’s sensors and correct the problems, and do a general inspection.

They say that the entire area was bombed and most everyone died from a combination of the plague and radiation. They were protected by the depth of the trench, but communications and ships were knocked out by the EMP pulse of the bombs. And then the Omegas showed up to finish the job.

Needless to say, the Novatek folks are grateful.

Next Session: What are the Mot up to? Can some of the technicians and mechanics stay on as permanent crew?