April 19, 2017 – 5kr3l “Skrel” (Saxon), H7drae|97 “Hydra” (Joel), Gr4!L (Rae, absentee), and Chet (Brian), and Amir Ghaqi (Scott)

Losorri Prime, Orethi Quarantine Zone

The crew has rescued Novatek dock workers from the ruined Novatek Rift complex. The PCs interview and sign on their top eight picks as crew, and drop off the others at the nearest big city, Omsk.

The Mthu-bo Hydra manipulates the dark energy plume from the Gullwind’s reflex drive to hide its signature.


Omsk looks like a war zone. Chet detects multiple bogies flying low to the ground, between the skyscrapers. Skrel heads towards the spaceport and is immediately ordered to land at runway 2. He complies and is ordered not to take off or the ship will be fired upon. Armored jeeps head towards the Gullwind. When the reach the ship, a squad of heavy infantry approach. Two of the soldiers are carrying satchel charges, which Chet identifies as dark energy bombs. Amir detonates them while still a safe distance from the ship, killing the infantry.

Skrel catapults the ship to Independence System to avoid further conflict. He also attempts to hack the ship transponder, but stuffs it up and it begins alternating between Skrel’s favorite pirate signals, some of which are infamous.

Independence Station

Independence is the first major civilian system along the Shining Path from the Core to the Dorado Sector. (The first system is the Castelliuccio Bastion system, which is heavily militarized and regulated.) Independence Station is one of the major R&R areas for both civilian and military crews, and Independence II is a veritable pleasure planet.

With a malfunctioning transponder and hidden drive plum the Gullwind looks exactly like a pirate ship. They are hailed to identify and stand down for inspection. Skrel identifies as “90dv1nd” (“godwind”), a ship callsign that hasn’t actually been implicated in piracy, yet. Independence orders them to stand down for inspection and ask more questions, but eventually allow them to dock.

The Novatek evacuees who are not saying on as crew disembark.

Skrel disembarks to visit a cantina. While he is there, Gullwind contacts him saying that station SecOps is outside the ship and want in. Amir sees a large squad of SecOps poking around. Skrel orders Gullwind to open the port cargo hatch.

Meanwhile Hydra contacts station command to open a dialogue, explaining that the Losorri system is hostile and and provides the Losorri diplomatic files and other records of their experiences as evidence. Station command says they will need time to review the data.

SecOps puts two guards at the airlock and keeps the ship under lockdown.

Losorri Mot Assault

An explosion rips the hangar doors apart, both the outer and inner door! A stream of Omegas pour through the inner door, heading toward the ship, while a Losorri “merchant” vessel pulls into view through the outer door, concealed missile tubes open and preparing to fire again.

Skrel orders Gullwind to rotate and blow the engines at the Omegas to sweep them away, and then power down so he and Chet can board. Hydra sends video transcripts to the station as they jump away to Tau Station Ɐ. This was a tricky jump but Skrel gets them there.

Next Session: Everyone hates us, but our secret base is hopefully safe!