Shining Paths

Adventures Beyond Known Space




Manta-class Darkships are easily identified by their distinctive hull, which resembles an aquatic manta ray. Manta are renowned for their ability to fly in a wide variety of conditions, from atmosphere, gas giant, and submerged under water. This unique quality... Continue Reading →


The Revenge

The Revenge is a small military courier-scout. While only lightly armed, the ship is quite fast and as maneuverable as a fighter, which Skrel says would make it well-suited for blockade running or smuggling. There is also a small hidden cargo hold... Continue Reading →

H40 (Hell Frozen Over)

The Mot ship H40, dubbed "Hell Frozen Over" an ice hauler seized by the Burners near Reshuk 65b. A cold lady, she has six cargo holds suited for transporting "ice", cryogenically frozen life-forms from various corners of space. The large darkship... Continue Reading →

Remotes (Drones)

Remotes are semi-autonomous, programmable drones. They can be remotely controlled manually or programmed for autonomous function. Remote Control Remotes usually have a proprietary remote control, which can operate either wireless or wired, in order to prevent hacking. An operator could send a... Continue Reading →

Equipment Price Guide

This is a general guide to prices of equipment and vehicles. All costs are given in Credits (Cr), which is the term spacers use for the standard unit of currency, although each system has its own currency. Larger values use... Continue Reading →

H-21x “Hex”

H-21x is AŁ's ship, a sleek and nimble fighter befitting a space ace. The ship has a pilot compartment, although AŁ often pilots it from one of the two Harnesses bays on the sides.


ALXA is Captain Ashkore's ship, an assault corvette darkship converted into his comfortable home in space. ALXA is a wedge-shaped ship built around a large main gun in a spinal mount. The gun is flanked by two small hangars in the "wings",... Continue Reading →


Carriers are naval capitol ships that carry complements of small ships such as fighters, shuttles, and support craft. They are also ideally suited for battle mop-up, recovery, and salvage operations, which consist of frequent short-range flights in a limited area... Continue Reading →

Cargo Ships (Freighters)

Cargo Ships (also known as freighters) are Void Ships specialized in transporting vast volumes of cargo between systems. Most cargo ships utilize Void Sails, with only the longest-ranging vessels using the more risky Void Catapults.


The Cloudclimber is a light, fast Courier capable of flying in atmospheres. The elegant ship takes a pilot and one passenger, so it is a favorite of highly-mobile executives who work in multiple systems. Some civilians also use luxury models... Continue Reading →


Couriers are Void Ships specialized for quick delivery of messages, small cargo, and passengers. They are the equivalent of the old "pony express", physically relaying their cargo from sender to recipient. Couriers are built for speed and quick pick-up and... Continue Reading →


The Doubloon is a Disc Gun, railguns that fire sharp metal discs. The discs ricochet or bounce off walls, making them a favorite of spacers who do not want to damage their ship. While cheaper imitations are available, the best discs are OEM golden... Continue Reading →


Bouncers are heavy attack ships who specialize in Relay Attacks, using void jumping to reach enemy fleets. Fully capable of crushing hard targets such as capitol ships, Bouncers can carry extreme payloads of munitions on short, focused attack runs, culminating in a spectacular pyrotechnic "death... Continue Reading →


Shuttles are specialized transports that ferry people and cargo between trade stations and planets. They Void Catapult into orbit, exchange cargo on a trade station, and then glide gracefully back to the planet. Since a major role is to move people between planets and stations, shuttles... Continue Reading →

Gryphon G-1

The Gryphon G-1 is an elegant multi-role starfighter. The ship is compact, responsive, adaptable, and can be flown by an Incarnate or Organic pilot. The Gryphon handles like a science ninja, and many ace pilots have made their name piloting a... Continue Reading →

UGOA A-1 Battle Armor

The UGOA A-1 ("Captain Toad") is a heavy battle armor for Organics on a budget. This harness will take an Organic into harm's way in nearly any environment (UGOA is "Urban Ground Orbital Amphibious") as well as make him look like a toad.... Continue Reading →

Kalesh D42 Battle Pod

The Kalesh Mp-D42 Battle Pod is an armored attack Harness, supporting multiple roles and pilots. The model includes dual cockpits for an Incarnate and an Organic, and both are equipped with multi-function Reflex controls for solo or dual crew role combinations: pilot, gunner, navigator, and passenger.... Continue Reading →

Pangolin HS6

You'll never feel more endangered than when facing a Pangolin. With it's large particle beam cannon and six sturdy legs, the Pangolin is the most stable mobile firing platform known to man. It can hit a target the size of... Continue Reading →

Senpai VT1

The Senpai VT1 is a light fighting Harness. The sculpted body is modeled after a fighting man, with a powerful yet trim physique. The head is adorned with four sensor eyes for peripheral vision and a strong chin. The VT1... Continue Reading →

FL-02s Fledermaus

The Fledermaus is a light  Reflex Speeder intended for long-range reconnaissance and observation. The open cockpit affords a 360-degree view, but provides weak protection in a fight (but if you're fighting in a Fledermaus you're scouting wrong).


Railvolvers are rail gun revolvers. These multi-function small arms can fire rail pellets as well as shells. The unique design allows for shells to be loaded into any of the six chambers, but if the wielder fires an empty chamber the weapon will shoot... Continue Reading →

Syncro Cannon (SCan)

Syncro Cannons (SCan) are particle beam rifles. These weapons fire a brilliant stream of heavy ions at near light speeds that cause tremendous damage, largely due to heat, but can also disrupt circuitry. However, the defining characteristic of Syncro Cannons... Continue Reading →


ThunderClappers are particle beam pistols. These small arms are the most common military and civilian sidearm. These particle beam weapons fire a brilliant stream of heavy ions at near light speeds that cause tremendous damage, largely due to heat, but can also... Continue Reading →

Reflex Speeders (Blink Bikes)

Reflex Speeders are fast space motorcycles, and some are even faster than light. Most can operate in space or on the surface of planets, using a small Silver Sail for propulsion. Spacers often call them "Blink Bikes", for they usually have a Void... Continue Reading →

Void Ships (Darkships)

Void Ships (Darkships) are spacecraft able to Void Shift and travel vast distances at the speed of thought.  Equipment Void Ships have Reflex Matrices embedded in their hulls, which are then activated by Void Inducers to Void Shift. Void Sails (Darksails) are used to follow the Shining Paths, discovering new worlds.... Continue Reading →

Harness (power armor)

Harness are mobile suits of powered armor. Most Harness are built for use by Incarnates, becoming their bodies, but some are able to be worn by an Organic pilot. The term "harness" was originally used to describe ancient suits of armor. Pilots Most Harness are built... Continue Reading →

Lancers (Space Commandos)

Lancers are professional space commandos who pilot Harness in a variety of combat roles. Lancers are trained in ship security, boarding actions, reconnaissance, surface missions, but also gain invaluable and unique practical experience out among the stars. Most military ships carry a complement of... Continue Reading →



KR-91N Nighthound

placeholder The KR-91N “Nighthound” Trans-Atmospheric Gunship / Troop Transport is a Small Lander and Orbit Transfer Vehicle (SLOTV): This vehicle is identical in use and design to the LLOTV, except that it is one third the total mass and correspondingly... Continue Reading →

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