Shining Paths

Adventures Beyond Known Space



Equipment Price Guide

This is a general guide to prices of equipment and vehicles. All costs are given in Credits (Cr), which is the term spacers use for the standard unit of currency, although each system has its own currency. Larger values use... Continue Reading →


UGOA A-1 Battle Armor

The UGOA A-1 ("Captain Toad") is a heavy battle armor for Organics on a budget. This harness will take an Organic into harm's way in nearly any environment (UGOA is "Urban Ground Orbital Amphibious") as well as make him look like a toad.... Continue Reading →

Kalesh D42 Battle Pod

The Kalesh Mp-D42 Battle Pod is an armored attack Harness, supporting multiple roles and pilots. The model includes dual cockpits for an Incarnate and an Organic, and both are equipped with multi-function Reflex controls for solo or dual crew role combinations: pilot, gunner, navigator, and passenger.... Continue Reading →

Senpai VT1

The Senpai VT1 is a light fighting Harness. The sculpted body is modeled after a fighting man, with a powerful yet trim physique. The head is adorned with four sensor eyes for peripheral vision and a strong chin. The VT1... Continue Reading →

Harness (power armor)

Harness are mobile suits of powered armor. Most Harness are built for use by Incarnates, becoming their bodies, but some are able to be worn by an Organic pilot. The term "harness" was originally used to describe ancient suits of armor. Pilots Most Harness are built... Continue Reading →

Lancers (Space Commandos)

Lancers are professional space commandos who pilot Harness in a variety of combat roles. Lancers are trained in ship security, boarding actions, reconnaissance, surface missions, but also gain invaluable and unique practical experience out among the stars. Most military ships carry a complement of... Continue Reading →

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