Shining Paths

Adventures Beyond Known Space



Remotes (Drones)

Remotes are semi-autonomous, programmable drones. They can be remotely controlled manually or programmed for autonomous function. Remote Control Remotes usually have a proprietary remote control, which can operate either wireless or wired, in order to prevent hacking. An operator could send a... Continue Reading →


Equipment Price Guide

This is a general guide to prices of equipment and vehicles. All costs are given in Credits (Cr), which is the term spacers use for the standard unit of currency, although each system has its own currency. Larger values use... Continue Reading →

Pangolin HS6

You'll never feel more endangered than when facing a Pangolin. With it's large particle beam cannon and six sturdy legs, the Pangolin is the most stable mobile firing platform known to man. It can hit a target the size of... Continue Reading →

FL-02s Fledermaus

The Fledermaus is a light  Reflex Speeder intended for long-range reconnaissance and observation. The open cockpit affords a 360-degree view, but provides weak protection in a fight (but if you're fighting in a Fledermaus you're scouting wrong).

Reflex Speeders (Blink Bikes)

Reflex Speeders are fast space motorcycles, and some are even faster than light. Most can operate in space or on the surface of planets, using a small Silver Sail for propulsion. Spacers often call them "Blink Bikes", for they usually have a Void... Continue Reading →

KR-91N Nighthound

placeholder The KR-91N “Nighthound” Trans-Atmospheric Gunship / Troop Transport is a Small Lander and Orbit Transfer Vehicle (SLOTV): This vehicle is identical in use and design to the LLOTV, except that it is one third the total mass and correspondingly... Continue Reading →

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