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Exploring the Shining Paths

Shining Paths is the name of the game, referring to the trails followed or left behind by Spacers, particularly the ancients. Following the Shining Paths can lead to untold riches and also grave dangers. The Shining Paths are space lanes between... Continue Reading →

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Known Space

"Known space" is the nucleus of civilization, the planets and systems in the galactic core. While for some Spacers this is home, for most it is the world they wish to escape from, a world of legalized corruption, political lobbies,... Continue Reading →

Void Shift

Void Shift refers to matter shifted out of phase with normal matter. When matter becomes "Void" it does not interact with the physical universe, neither matter nor energy, only with psychic energy. Void Shift is accomplished using a Reflex Matrix. Starships and Harness that incorporate a Reflex Matrix... Continue Reading →

Reflex (R, Rygas)

Reflex (R, Rygas) is a crystalline matrix that resonates with psionic energy. The universe is filled with ambient psionic energy, which is especially concentrated in people and psionic currents called Shining Paths. People can interact with Reflex both physically and psionically. Modern instrument panels... Continue Reading →

Harness (power armor)

Harness are mobile suits of powered armor. Most Harness are built for use by Incarnates, becoming their bodies, but some are able to be worn by an Organic pilot. The term "harness" was originally used to describe ancient suits of armor. Pilots Most Harness are built... Continue Reading →


Most Spacers are Incarnates, simply for reasons of economics and convenience. Some travelers like to "keep it real" and pay the extra expense of remaining in a real, bona fide, 100% organic body, ideally the one they were born with.... Continue Reading →


The Shining Paths is a game about Spacers, space-travelers. Whether beset by wanderlust, fleeing from the past, or seeking fame or riches, spacers are always moving moving. While it's natural to think of Spacers are pilots, they are usually skilled navigators... Continue Reading →


Incarnates are people who are imbedded into mechanical bodies. They once had biological bodies, although for some Incarnates that was so long ago that it has faded from memory. Incarnates are nearly immortal, for even if one mechanical host begins to fail they... Continue Reading →

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