Shining Paths

Adventures Beyond Known Space



Amir Ghaqi

Amir Ghaqi  ("ah-mir jah-kee") If Iron Man became a Dark jedi bounty hunter Dark robes cover a light-absorbing metal suit resembling Iron Man. Themes Space Samurai - Jedi Mthu'bo - Revenger/Dark Jedi/psychic Incarnate - consciousness of an old monk, put... Continue Reading →


The Revenge

The Revenge is a small military courier-scout. While only lightly armed, the ship is quite fast and as maneuverable as a fighter, which Skrel says would make it well-suited for blockade running or smuggling. There is also a small hidden cargo hold... Continue Reading →


Rockit is a snuggly space dog. He is a "Familiar", an Incarnate of a hound dog. Themes Familiar - fluffy snuggle beagle Tracker - hound dog Spacer - speedy space dog Esper - scout Assets BeagleBot3000 - soft snuggly armor... Continue Reading →


Slūrp is a Trilisk racer and secret agent, searching the stars for the legendary Chef Boyardee. Themes Trilisk - Loves spaghetti Racer - og windy track Gunslinger - shoot on the move Secret Agent - in n' out Assets Laser... Continue Reading →

AŁ (“AL”)

AŁ is a determined incarnate bounty hunter who never gives up on a bounty. With his mother and father killed by criminals, AŁ will stop at nothing to bring in bounties to the police force. Of course, for a price.... Continue Reading →

Gr4!L (“Grail”)

Gr4!L was found in Tau Station Ɐ in the Ambassador's Lounge. Themes: Incarnate - Esper - Mthu'bo - Pirate Scout - Assets Harness - transforms into a small ship


Askhøre is a skilled rygas wielder and captain of the corvette ALXA. His mirrored blue shades hide eyes with both the intensity of a Lancer and the laughter of an organic. He has worked with AŁ for years and they are seldom seen without... Continue Reading →


  Themes Black Ops Specialist - Cook - spirit chef Necroincarnate - you are what you eat / eat them to defeat them Mthu'bo - void aikido Assets darkship - "Hell's Kitchen" darkship restaurant reflex chef's tools - reflex blades armored clothing -... Continue Reading →

5kr3l (“Skrel”)

  Themes Death Incarnate - blitz (fast movement) Martial Artist - school of "Captain Crunch" binding and entrapment Hacker - ship control logic Space Pirate - your ship is mine Assets Rygas Blade - logic bomb Blitzkrieg FU2 Assault Harness... Continue Reading →

H7dra|97 (“Hydra”)

H7dra|97 ("Hydra") is a far-future fragment of the ancient souls of Der Hydra, Daesonis, and Azathoth. Themes Mthu'bo - vessel of malefic god Akashi - probability manipulation Burner - wanted ritual assassin of the Burning Legion Esper - gunslinger born... Continue Reading →

Akai Tsuki

Akai is an Organic Space Samurai, a double rarity amongst Spacers. She wears jet black O-Yoroi body armor with red accents and is never without her Void Blade. Her beautiful face is less intimidating than a steel mask, so Akai is frequently sought after... Continue Reading →

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