Shining Paths

Adventures Beyond Known Space



Dorado Rim (T1822)

The Dorado Rim is a broad region centered on the Dorado Sector, which is comprised of five systems. This sector was discovered by human colonists in T1537, and is the central region for play in the Shining Paths. This map shows the Dorado... Continue Reading →


World / Planet – die drop table

Use this die drop table to randomly generate a planet.  

Trade Stations

Trade Stations are the hubs of interstellar trade, where Cargo Ships and other Void Ships dock to transfer cargo and passengers. Other ships can pick up the cargo for distribution to other systems, or Shuttles can glide down planetside. Logisticians and form-fillers rule supreme... Continue Reading →

Known Space

"Known space" is the nucleus of civilization, the planets and systems in the galactic core. While for some Spacers this is home, for most it is the world they wish to escape from, a world of legalized corruption, political lobbies,... Continue Reading →

Λ07Ω (Lambda-07-Omega)

Λ07Ω (Lambda-07-Omega) is a trade station on the current border of Mot space. The habitat spins above the dull red glow of the Lambda07 gas giant, bathing the station in blood-colored light. This station is well positioned near the crossings... Continue Reading →

Station B

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Station A

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World Z

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World Y

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World X

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