Shining Paths

Adventures Beyond Known Space



Security Ops (SecOps) Agent

The Security Operations teams (SecOps) responsible for maintaining security of ships and stations are no joke. Space stations are isolated habitats floating in space, and a threat to the station could kill everyone inside or send the vessel plummeting to the planet below.... Continue Reading →



Hackers are known for their technological wizardry, adept at manipulating the ubiquitous computerized systems people take for granted. However in space Hackers more often find their skills useful as Electronic Warfare (EW) specialists. While the threats of guns and torpedoes are perhaps... Continue Reading →


Couriers are Void Ships specialized for quick delivery of messages, small cargo, and passengers. They are the equivalent of the old "pony express", physically relaying their cargo from sender to recipient. Couriers are built for speed and quick pick-up and... Continue Reading →


Shuttles are specialized transports that ferry people and cargo between trade stations and planets. They Void Catapult into orbit, exchange cargo on a trade station, and then glide gracefully back to the planet. Since a major role is to move people between planets and stations, shuttles... Continue Reading →

Space Police (“Scops”)

Space police are present in every civilized system and sector. Spacers commonly refer to them as "space cops"  or "scops". Depending on the local laws and demeanor, they may be a blessing or a curse to Spacers, and their capabilities may vary... Continue Reading →

Omegas (Corpse Soldiers)

Mot make extensive use of Omegas to crew their ships, man their lancer cohorts, and populate their garrisons. Omegas are often called "Corpse Soldiers", for they are Necroincarnates--cybernetically enhanced corpses. The Mot create their Omegas by forcibly Incarnating captives (dead or alive) and putting them through complete... Continue Reading →

Black Omegas (Spectrals)

The Black Omegas are the elite special forces of the Mot. Equally effective in clandestine and psychological warfare, these warriors are arguably the most notorious and feared fighting force ever known. Black Omegas are equipped with advanced components such as Void Blink Modules and Void... Continue Reading →

Space Pirates

Some spacers turn to a life of crime,  raiding other ships, stations or even worlds. Space pirates routinely conduct nefarious operations such as capturing and plundering spacecraft for cargo, looting and occasionally stealing an entire spacecraft itself, and possibly killing or enlisting the hapless crew... Continue Reading →

Mot Necroincarnates

The Mot are a faction of Necroincarnates. They take the bodies of other species, augmenting them extensively over time, and spreading their consciousness across the stars. Their culture is ancient and decadent and the bodies they painstakingly craft are seldom appealing... Continue Reading →

Space Samurai

Space Samurai are warriors who wander the stars and seek glory and self-perfection in ritual combat. Most Space Samurai encountered in space are Incarnates, with Harness stylized as ancient o-yoroi samurai armor. They are adept at many weapons, but their signature are their Rygas-bladed void swords, which in... Continue Reading →

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