The previous rules pages discussed the basics of how to play. This page describes how to customize the game to make it your own.

Players can give their characters Special Abilities, whether innate or part of special equipment carried by the character. These flexible rules allow players to create any kind of character they can imagine. Play who you want, drive what you want, shoot what (and who) you want.

The next section, Take Off!, also describes how characters can pilot various kinds of vehicles, including Harness and Darkships.

Special Abilities

A Special Ability is a Theme or Asset that describes an unusual talent, ability, or other extra-human capability, whether innate or provided by equipment.  Some examples are “augmented strength”, “night vision”, “enhanced reflexes”, “long-range reflex radio”, “void shift”, “explosive shells”, or “Void Blade”. In other words, anything a typical person can’t do by themselves or with simple and ordinary tools is a Special Ability: throwing a rock or using a knife are not special, but throwing a grenade or wielding a Void Blade are special.

Anything that says “Void” or “Reflex” is definitely special, as are area-effect munitions.

All Special Abilities need to be “activated” before they can be used, which requires the player to Burn a Die and roll an “Activation Check” during the Maneuver Phase (see Fight!). Also see the “Using Special Abilities” section below for more details.

Any Theme that has one or more Special Abilities must also define a Framework for their use.

Examples of Activation

Void Catapult (teleport ship)

The player Burns a Die and rolls an Activation Check to Void Catapult (teleport his ship) in the Maneuver Phase. Success indicates the character has moved the ship as desired, possibly despite the attempts of foes to stop the character from escaping or blocking the target area.

The GM can raise the difficulty as applicable, such as a high-pressure situation (“don’t rush me!”) or a strange nebula that provides interference. Failure indicates that the jump didn’t happen, the ship went *somewhere else*, or some other undesirable outcome.

No rolls are generally needed in the Action Phase, unless the character ended up in a solid object.

Missile Salvo

The player Burns a Die and rolls to fire the “missile salvo” in the Maneuver Phase. Success indicates the missiles are headed toward their desired target.

The GM can raise the difficulty as needed, such as when attempting to target a foe who is in close proximity to allied units, or if the target is extremely close or far. Failure indicates the missiles might miss or hit the wrong target. The missiles shoot during the Maneuver Phase and everyone sees them racing toward targets at that moment.

The player must subsequently make rolls to hit and damage specific foes in the Action Phase. Weak foes who resemble a mob or swarm (Omega Pods, drones, etc) can be grouped together, but individual rolls are made against stronger foes. The GM can raise the difficulty for each individual as applicable.

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