This section contains the rules of how to play the game.

Game Rules

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Your Character
Chapter 3: Influence
Chapter 4: Abilities
Chapter 5: Roll Dice
Chapter 6: Fight!
Chapter 7: Take Off!

In addition to the rules, check out the Story Seeds for inspiration.


The Shining Paths is based on Legends, the “minimally lovable”pencil-and-paper-and-friends roleplaying game. The rules are small and beautiful, emphasizing free-form character creation and fluid game play. Legends keeps your game focused on roleplaying the characters you want to play.

Legends is a genre-neutral system, but is presented here with its latest game setting: the Shining Paths, a far-future universe where the players are “Spacers” exploring the void.

Play who you want.

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Legends V2

The next generation of Legends is being written as google docs, along with a companion fantasy game called “Legends of the Dragon Isles”. Both games share the same rules engine and GM Guide.