Shining Paths

Adventures Beyond Known Space


Reflex Furnaces

Void Ships (Darkships)

Void Ships (Darkships) are spacecraft able to Void Shift and travel vast distances at the speed of thought.  Equipment Void Ships have Reflex Matrices embedded in their hulls, which are then activated by Void Inducers to Void Shift. Void Sails (Darksails) are used to follow the Shining Paths, discovering new worlds.... Continue Reading →


Reflex (R, Rygas)

Reflex (R, Rygas) is a crystalline matrix that resonates with psionic energy. The universe is filled with ambient psionic energy, which is especially concentrated in people and psionic currents called Shining Paths. People can interact with Reflex both physically and psionically. Modern instrument panels... Continue Reading →

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