Characters can pilot or drive various vehicles, including Harness and Void Ships. Incarnates are always doing this for whatever Harness or vehicle that is his current “body”.

Each vehicle, harness, or ship is an Asset. When a PC is operating a vehicle, he may use that Asset.

It’s up to the player and GM how much detail they want to go into while describing a vehicle. If more detail is desired, then a vehicle could be represented as multiple Assets, but this matters less than it appears to since only equipped Assets really matter.

Be sure to check out the sample Harness, Ships, and Vehicles. Just keep in mind these are example, not a closed list. Space is BIG and has room for all ideas. Meanwhile, here is one example:

Fl-02b Fledermaus

FL-02s Fledermaus

The Fledermaus is a light  Reflex Speeder intended for long-range reconnaissance and observation. Electronic and optical long-range sensors can be used to patrol and monitor enemy movements.

The open cockpit affords a 360-degree view, but provides weak protection in a fight (but if you’re fighting in a Fledermaus you’re scouting wrong). Nonetheless, some Fledermaus sport a belly mount SCan.